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abortion pill

(Medication Abortion) We offer the Abortion Pill up to 10 menstrual weeks

We offer the Abortion Pill / medication abortion  up to 10 menstrual weeks 


Our mission at Choices Women’s Center is to offer SAFE, CONVENIENT, and AFFORDABLE medication abortion (by pill) services to the women of Southern Arizona. By focusing on this service, we can reduce our costs and pass those savings on to you.

Abortion Pill Fee

The price for this service is $860. We also offer pregnancy confirmation with ultrasound as a stand-alone service for $100.  If you choose to have an abortion, the pregnancy confirmation fee goes towards your cost so that you only need to pay the difference ($760). We offer  abortion consultation free of charge. Any additional ultrasound would be $100 per ultrasound.

You can start the process by following these steps:

Make an appointment to confirm your pregnancy and determine how far along you are. For your convenience and privacy, this can be done by clicking SCHEDULE NOW .  Reduce the amount of time at your appointment by completing the following Pregnancy Confirmation Paperwork and Abortion Pill Consent forms in advance. 

Medication Abortion Paperwork

Papeleo de Confirmacion de Embarazo

Pregnancy Confirmation / Pre-Abortion Counseling

When you arrive to your appointment, you will be charged $100 for the pregnancy confirmation visit. This can be paid by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), cash, or cashier’s checks. We do not accept money orders.  PAY NOW Once you have completed your patient information form, we will do a pregnancy test, ultrasound, and pelvic exam. We can also refer you for  STI’s (GC and Chlamydia) testing. If you choose to have an abortion, your abortion pill appointment will be scheduled. If you choose to continue your pregnancy to term, we work closely with Banner OB/GYN, and can refer you there for prenatal care.

Abortion Pill Appointment

After collecting your balance, We will draw blood (finger stick) to determine if you are anemic as well as for blood typing (Rh testing only). You will receive your medications with oral and written instructions. You will be given a prescription for a mild pain reliever as well as instructions on when and how to reach us in case of emergencies**. If you require a work release, we will provide you with a standard form letter (no custom letters, FMLA, or workman’s comp forms). Your follow-up appointment will also be scheduled.

Follow-up Appointment

We will confirm the success of your procedure by doing both a pregnancy test and ultrasound. You can receive a prescription for the birth control pill of your choice upon request. If the procedure is not successful, we will determine your options at that time.

*You are responsible for the cost of your prescriptions

**You are responsible for all costs associated with care outside of our office

Our mission at Choices Women’s Center is to offer SAFE, CONVENIENT, and AFFORDABLE medication abortion (by pill) services to the women of southern Arizona.